Who We Are

Our Mission: Exploit the Energy Potential of Hot Dry Rock

The mission of Arrow Geothermal is to exploit the potential of Hot Dry Rock (HDR) globally. HDR contains enough energy to supply electricity for the entire world. The key to exploiting HDR technology to drill and produce the hottest horizontal geothermal wells in the world.

We will provide baseload electricity to enable the economic transition to a carbonless future.

Our Vision: Novel High Temperature Drilling and Completion Technology

The future of energy is clean, carbon-free energy that provides baseline electricity. Geothermal power is the only source of green energy that can economically fulfill that vision. Traditional geothermal harvests energy by pumping water from a high-temperature reservoir. Geothermal has been limited to the few pristine resources around the world that provide high energy density and long-term power. These sites often have water issues over time, and the energy output declines every year. It is estimated that 75% of the geothermal sites operate at less than 65% of their nameplate capacity.

Arrow Geothermal has developed novel drilling and completion technology that enables horizontal high-temperature geothermal wells.

Horizontal wells enable higher connectivity with hot formations as the best combination of temperature and permeability can be selected. They also form the best platform for increasing contact/conductivity to the formation. Higher temperatures, higher pressure, positive hydraulics, expanded formation contact, and larger wellbores contribute to wells that produce 3X - 10X more energy than traditional wells.

Arrow Geothermal Management Team


Mark Andreychuk

CEO, Co-Founder

Stephen Mravunac

Technical Specialist