Our Products

Arrow Geothermal has developed Hot Dry Rock (HDR) technology to drill and produce the hottest horizontal geothermal wells in the world. Our techniques have created billions of dollars in value in the hydrocarbon industry. Arrow Geothermal will provide cutting-edge products that will enable the economic transition to a carbonless future.


Arrow ChillString™

The Arrow ChillString™ takes innovation from the mining and casing drilling industries and evolves it for drilling.

  • Directional/Horizontal Drilling up to 400°C
  • Creates 'micro spalling' to increase drilling 20%

Arrow Release Joints™

The Arrow Release Joints™ creates successful multi-stage completions and ensures thermal cycling and the horizontal liner flexibility is optimized. 

  • Eliminates liner breakage due to thermal cycling​
  • Stand-alone or works with sliding sleeves, ball drop and plug & perf