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Carbon neutral, scalable, time-responsive, geographically distributed and economically appealing solutions to sustainable electric power generation, achievable through drilling & completions tech in horizontal wells up to 400°C

Enabling the Transition to a Carbonless Future

Arrow Geothermal is an established geothermal energy company located in Calgary, Alberta, that has developed novel drilling and completion technologies to exploit the potential of Hot Dry Rock (HDR) up to 400°C globally.

We have developed HDR technology to drill and produce the hottest horizontal geothermal wells in the world. Our techniques have created billions of dollars in value in the hydrocarbon industry. Arrow Geothermal will provide baseload electricity to economically enable the transition to a carbonless future.

Our approach provides a dramatically more efficient energy transfer with higher formation contact and flow rates.


A Look at Some of Our Latest Products


Arrow Chillstring™

Patent Pending

The Arrow ChillString™ takes innovation from the mining and casing drilling industries and evolves it for drilling.

  • Directional/Horizontal Drilling up to 400°C
  • Creates 'micro spalling' to increase drilling 20%

Arrow Release Joint™

Patent Pending

The Arrow Release Joints™ creates successful multi-stage completions and ensures thermal cycling and the horizontal liner flexibility is optimized. 

  • Eliminates liner breakage due to thermal cycling​
  • Stand-alone or works with sliding sleeves, ball drop and plug & perf

Get to Know Arrow Geothermal

Mark Andreychuk is the CEO and Co-Founder of Arrow Geothermal. Mark has a very successful track record building and selling several disruptive new technology oil and gas services companies. Most recently Mark co-founded Kobold, a precision downhole technologies company. Their most successful product is a reclosable sliding sleeve that reduces stimulation horsepower, reducing seismicity, fracture time, project costs and risk.

Industry Leader Testimonials

"If successful, the proposed approach will transform geothermal energy from a niche offering to a carbon-neutral, scalable, time-responsive, geographically distributed, and economically appealing solution to sustainable electric power generation."